Enjoy the breakfast menu with five tempting choices: Eggs Newport, big thick waffles with cascading strawberries and blueberries,  our luscious new pancakes. And omelettes with daily fresh ingredients, and who could forget our French Toast.   Hungry??

Oh yes, we also almost forgot to mention the Afternoon Tea with Cindy’s and Daneal’s  cookies and scones at Victoria.

You may also try the afternoon tea at the Adele.   It is just fabulous.


You will love the time spent with us.   Below is the staff that makes us better than the rest:

 Cindy, Daneal, Analee, Tyler, and James, and Corrin at Victoria
Katherine, Antonio, Aleta, Cassandra, Shyreal at the Adele

This  special must be booked through us, by phone, email, or our own website.   So, if you book with a third party, you do not qualify.   There are no restrictions for weekends.   Any night or nights are good.  Do remember, the bookings must be consecutive and through us only.   Our operators are standing bye.

















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